Hello Summer and a Giftcard Giveaway!

Friday, June 23, 2017 4 comments
I can't believe it's really summer already! Time has really flown by since I last had a chance to update my blog! I have so many new products to share, but today I'm even more excited to share a special giftcard giveaway that I am part of! This is a MASSIVE gift card giveaway! THREE lucky TPTers will each receive a giftcard. Two $100 gift cards and one $50 gift card will be given away!


Fancy winning some extra spending money to help you purchase everything you need for your 2017-18 classroom?  Myself and a team of amazing teachers have grouped together to gift THREE awesome teacherS a TPT giftcard - PRIZES ARE 2 x $100, and 1 x $50 TPT GIFTCARD!

Starts: Friday 23rd June 2017 12am

Ends: Saturday 1st July 2017 12am

Prize: 2 x $100 TPT Giftcards, and 1 x $50 TPT Giftcard

Check out the Rafflecopter to enter:
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Draw and Write - Directed Drawing and Writing Center

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 No comments
I'm SUPER excited to introduce my newest series of products: Draw and Write.

Draw and Write will be a monthly series. Each month will include 5 directed writing activities with a fun directed drawing sheet as well. These are perfect for learning centers, but can also be used for whole group lessons.

Each pack is designed to match the writing standards and include practice in persuasive, informational and narrative forms. You will also find variations of each form of writing including letter writing, poems, how-tos, research and more!

Today I'd like to introduce my first two sets and also my GROWING Bundle where you can save big on a set of 6 months of Draw and Write Activities.

Each Monthly Pack comes with the prompts, the directed drawing sheet, and writing paper to finish your writing project.

Here's what you'd get in the February Pack:

And here's what you'd find in the March Pack:

Each of the five writing activities in the pack include a direction sheet, a planning/drafting sheet, the directed drawing sheet, paper for writing a good copy, and a black page with matching border to use as desired (perfect for redrawing pictures if desired or writing without lines)

Not sure? Try out my Draw and Write Freebie:

Buy now for an even bigger savings! 
The price will go up as new packs are added!

$10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway Hop

Sunday, February 5, 2017 9 comments
That's right you heard it here! I'm giving away a $10 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers!!!

To enter just use the rafflecopter below. 
Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday 2/7 
Winner will be sent the code by 10 AM on Wednesday

Even better - I've gotten together with some other Teachers Pay Teachers Authors 
to create a CHAIN of Giveaways!

For MORE chances to win a gift certificate follow the 
TPT Gift Certificate Giveaway Chain 

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**Please note - Not all participants may be posted yet, but should be posted by Monday Morning. Check back to make sure you enter all the giveaways!!!**

Now just click The Rafflecopter Giveaway link below to enter to win!

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Color by Number January - February - Addition and Subtraction Pack

Saturday, January 28, 2017 No comments
I'm excited to introduce my Color by Number January - February - 

I'm excited for this pack as it's the first of many Color by Number packs I have planned.
I made this particular pack at the request of my husband who teachers first grade. 
I am planning to have 6 monthly packs in Addition and Subtraction (and in the future, multiplication and division, too!)

This first pack contains 12 Color By Number pages including 
Winter, Groundhog Day, President's Day, and Valentine's Day pages. 

4 pages focus on Addition to 10, 4 pages focus on Addition to 20, and 4 pages focus on Subtraction from 10. 

What's Included:

January/Winter Themed Pages
All Bundled Up – Addition to 10
I Love Cocoa – Addition to 20
Snow Sledding – Subtraction from 10
Winter Friends – Addition to 10
School Closed – Addition to 20
Winter Monsters – Subtraction from 10

February Themed Pages
Groundhog Day – Addition to 10
George Washington – Addition to 20
Abraham Lincoln – Subtraction from 10
Valentine Gifts – Addition to 10
Love – Addition to 20
Valentine Friends – Subtraction from 10

Check out all my Color by products here. 

You will find all my products in the Smart 2 Heart TPT store

I'm even more excited by this Color by Number set as this set has gotten my first sales since I opened my store. I'm excited to be creating products other teachers can use!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts for products you'd like to see, either message me through my facebook page or contact me at Smart2Heart (at) gmail.com.

Pirate Themed Behavior Clip Chart System

Saturday, January 7, 2017 No comments
I'm excited to introduce a new type of product into my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 

is a Pirate Themed Behavior Clip Chart System.

I've never used one of these clip charts before, but was excited to introduce it to my classroom and let me tell you the turnaround in behavior was AMAZING in just a few days! I am so thrilled I switched to this system! 

In this file you will get the full set of 7 color posters ready to print and use!

This set also includes THREE sets of printable rewards to offer your students when they reach the top of the chart. 

To help with management you will also find a Weekly Reporting Sheet you can print and use for each student, and an Easy to use letter to send home if your student reaches the 'Parent Contact' Level.'

For my own classroom, I decided to hang my chart on the wall and getting clothespins wasn't the method that worked best for me (though my husband LOVES his clothespins for his class!). I decided to make printable small name tags to hang on the wall beside my chart. I just use some sticky tac to hold them on and it's super easy for the kids to move their pieces up and down on the chart!
(I didn't have the tags ready when I took this picture)

I've included my printable name labels in this pack. I've also included an EDITABLE Powerpoint of these labels with easy to use directions so you can simply type your students' names in and print!

Don't forget to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for other great products!

Looking for something in particular? Have a suggestion? I'd love to hear them! Feel free to contact me or visit my new Facebook Page and message me there!

Spin and Match Colors Activity Set

I'm excited to bring to you my THIRD Spin and Match product today. 

This LARGE Spin and Match set has everything you need to have fun with COLOR!

The set includes 10 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown and White
The activities come with three options: to use all 10 colors, use only the 5 PRIMARY colors, or the 5 EXTRA color options. 

The set includes multiple spinner options and both BASIC matching cards with all smiley faces and full sheets of 6 cards in each of the 10 colors. 

Also included in this set are Sorting Mat Boards with Smaller cards specially designed for these boards, Finish the Pattern Color Patterning worksheets, Matching Color Worksheets, THREE different Board Games, and Directions for playing multiple card games including: Go Fish, Old Maid, Color Rummy and One Left (an Uno-style game)

Make sure to check out my other products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store


Spin and Match Farm Animals Activity Set

Sunday, January 1, 2017 No comments
My first full product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store is ready for you to share with your learners. 

Available now!

My Spin and Match Early Learning Products were designed to help our younger learners as they develop their speaking, matching, patterning, vocabulary skills and more! 

Spin and Match Farm Animals Activity Set includes over 30 pages of 
activities for you and your young learner to enjoy. 

This set comes with multiple spinner options and matching animal cards
(including color, black and white and word only options with two sized spinners)

Also included are matching worksheets, a Spin and Graph activity, 
a Spin and Race Board Game


Here's a sampling of everything you will find in this activity set:

Grand Opening - Smart 2 Heart Creations - Spin and Match Freebie

Happy 2017! I am excited to announce that my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Smart 2 Heart Creations is now open for business!

In honor of my grand opening, I have a special freebie file available for download at Teachers Pay Teachers. You can head over to my store to download my "Spin and Match Basic Animals Freebie." This is the first in a line of Spin and Match Early Learning Products.

These series of products is designed around early learning skills including matching, patterning and vocabulary development. I designed the products to help my own son who is working on growing his own speaking vocabulary and matching skills.

Spin and Match Basic Animals Freebie contains a small sample of what my full Spin and Match products will include. By downloading the freebie you will get two full page spinners: one in color, and one in black and white, and the matching animal cards, as well as directions for how to play Spin and Match.

If you purchase any of my other Spin and Match Early Learning Products, you will get additional spinner options, additional matching cards, matching worksheets, additional game suggestions with needed playing cards, board games and more!

Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download Spin and Match Basic Animals Freebie. Please leave some feedback if you download!

Looking forward to bringing you many more teaching products in the future!